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Philippines’ 1st Personal Finance Mobile App

Download Instructions:

1. Choose your cell phone Operating System.

2. Download the corresponding file in a directory in your cell phone. If you are

     downloading through your computer, please remember the file directory where

     you downloaded the file.  You will need to copy the said file to your cell phone

     using your phone’s proprietary data cable or via Bluetooth (if available).

     If you downloaded straight to or copied the file to your cell phone, install the file

     by clicking on it and following the instructions. If you are downloading from an

     app store, search for “yaman”.

3. You will need a GPRS connection to register your copy of Ya!man. You will be charged by

     your cell phone carrier for the GPRS connection.  Some of the files are zipped and will need

     to be unzipped before installation using the appropriate unzipping software.




Symbian S40

or higher

Track a week’s budget    Compute effective interest on loans   Determine sufficient life insurance

Compute future cost of college education    Compute future cost of retirement

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